Inflatable Golf Darts Board

Giant Inflatable golf dartboards have gone viral, so be quick to pick yours up now! Our blow up golf darts are tons of fun for both kids and adults, suitable for events, functions and parties. When you see a jumbo inflatable golf dartboard you just have to play!

Golf Darts Overview

Our Sizes.

We have 5 different sizes of the Golf dartboard. However we can customize these to your specifications if you require.

  • 10FT x 10FT (3 Meters)

    Great for small children and the back garden.

  • 12FT x 12FT (3.6 Meters)

    Great for children and easy to manoeuvre.

  • 15FT x 15FT (4.5 Meters)

    Great for children and adults to have fun.

  • 18FT x 18FT (5.4 Meters)

    Perfect for adults and will have the wow factor.

  • 23FT x 23FT (7 Meters)

    For the major WOW FACTOR at an event.

  • Custom Size

    We can create a Golf Dartboard to your size.

Contact us

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If you are interested in purchasing a Golf Dartboard please get in touch and a member of the team will be in touch with you straight away.